Balloon Sinuplasty



  • Balloon Sinuplasty is an innovative, safe and effective procedure of opening the sinuses to reduce sinus pressure and repeated infections. 
  • This procedure is performed in the office. 
  • The balloon is used to enlarge the sinus openings but then removed.



  • In-office Ballloon Sinuplasty is performed under topical and local anesthesia and allows the patient to avoid general anesthesia or a hospital.
  • In contrast to endoscopic sinus surgery, the use of only balloons allows this procedure to be minimally invasive without cutting, bruising or incisions.
  • No preoperative blood testing is typically required for most patients.
  • Because it is performed in the office, the patient saves the cost of a hospital, surgery center, anesthesiologist and pathologist which are common with other sinus surgeries.
  • Most patients return to work the next day and to normal activity with 2-3 days.


To Be Eligible

  • You must have sinus problems such as pain, pressure, drainage, congestion or phlegm despite medical treatment with saline washes, nasal sprays and antibiotics.
  • An evaluation by your BCENTS doctor must demonstrate that you are a candidate for the procedure.
  • You must not suffer from anxiety, claustrophobia or issues which would make an awake office procedure difficult such as a dental procedure.
  • This procedure is usually covered by Medicare, Healthcare Partners, Regal Medical Group, United Healthcare. Our office will confirm your insurance benefits or provide you a cash price.


  • Have you experienced 4 or more sinus infections this year?
  • Do you get repeated sinus infections for many years?
  • Is your nose frequently stuffy?
  • Do you get sinus pressure headaches often?
  • Do you get a sinus infection whenever you get a cold?
  • Do you have constant phlegm or postnasal drip to snort or spit?
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