Covid-19 Safety



To protect our patients, staff and providers during the COVID-19 Pandemic, Beach Cities ENTS has instituted numerous measures including:  

  • All patients are screened for symptoms and risk factors prior to being given an appointment and again, prior to entering an exam room. 
  • Our reception area is set up for all patients to sit and stand with physical distancing. 
  • Every patient and staff member has their temperature checked before entering our office. 
  • Every staff member in our office wears a mask.
  • Every desk and work station contains hand sanitizer and is cleaned daily. 
  • Partitions separate every work station that is less than 6 feet apart. 
  • Our surgeons wear PPE of a gown, N-95 mask, goggles and gloves for each patient examination.  
  • No one shakes hands. 
  • The exam room is cleaned and all touch points are sanitized prior to every patient visit. 
  • A HEPA filter runs continuously throughout the exam and exam room. 
  • After a procedure, the HEPA filter is allowed 15 minutes for full air room air filtration between patients in a closed exam room. 
  • Each patient enters and exits the exam room escorted by our staff with physical distancing measures from other patients. 
  • Every surgery patient is tested for Covid-19 prior to surgery, confirmed negative and quarantined from the preop test until after surgery. 
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