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Medical Websites

Ear, Nose and Throat Resources
The American Academy of Otolaryngology-Head and Neck Surgery (AAO-HNS) is the world’s largest organization representing specialists who treat the ear, nose, throat, and related structures of the head and neck.
The American Sleep Apnea Association is a non-profit organization dedicated to reducing injury, disability, and death from sleep apnea and to enhancing the well-being of those affected by this common disorder.
National Spasmodic Dysphonia Association advances medical research into the causes of and treatments for spasmodic dysphonia, promoting physician and public awareness of the disorder, and sponsoring support groups for patients and their families.
Deafness Research Foundation is the leading national source of private funding for basic and clinical research in hearing and balance science.
The Center for Hearing Loss Help, helps people live successful lives in spite of their hearing losses by providing information, help, support and selected quality products to people with hearing loss (deafness), tinnitus and phantom sounds, balance issues, and other ear-related problems.
A website which overviews many of the options available for snoring treatment

Stop Smoking Support
Nicotine Anonymous is a Non-Profit 12 Step Fellowship of men and women helping each other live nicotine-free lives.
Nicotine Anonymous is a Non-Profit 12 Step Fellowship of men and women helping each other live nicotine-free lives. Nicotine Anonymous welcomes all those seeking freedom from nicotine addiction, including those using cessation programs and nicotine withdrawal aids. The primary purpose of Nicotine Anonymous is to help all those who would like to cease using tobacco and nicotine products in any form.
National Smoking Quitline is a website providing information and professional assistance intended to help you or someone you care about quit smoking.
The largest quit smoking program in the world where 60,000 smokers and ex-smokers get together each month with the intention of quitting and staying quit.
New Beginnings is an educational website for drug and alcohol rehabilitation.

Support for Beating Cancer
Cancer Support Community offers a free program for cancer patients and their families and loved ones to help recover from the physical and emotional effects of cancer.
A website, community, online university, and magazine for cancer patients and survivors to identify the most challenging issues in life and utilize tools to find concrete solutions for feeling better about them.

Radical Remission is a book and website that records and shares information of true stories of patients with cancer and remissions as well as 9 factors that over 1000 patients with incurable cancers had in common that contributed to their miraculous remissions. and
The Oral Cancer Foundation is a national public service, non-profit entity designed to reduce suffering and save lives through prevention, education, research, advocacy and patient support activities.
ComedyCures® is an award-winning national, non-profit organization that brings joy, hope, laughter and therapeutic comedy programs to kids and grown-ups living with illness, trauma, depression and disabilities.
American Cancer Society is a nationwide, community-based voluntary health organization committed to fighting cancer through balanced programs of research, education, patient service, advocacy, and rehabilitation.
National Cancer Institute coordinates the National Cancer Program, which conducts and supports research, training, health information dissemination, and other programs with respect to the cause, diagnosis, prevention, and treatment of cancer, rehabilitation from cancer, and the continuing care of cancer patients and the families of cancer patients.
The Head and Neck Cancer Alliance seeks to enable an organized and strategic alliance of all stakeholders to dramatically shift the stage of discovery of head and neck cancers through united and collaborative efforts in prevention, early detection and research.
Our mission involves:

  • Providing support to head and neck cancer patients throughout the year
  • Supporting ongoing research in head and neck oncology
  • Educating children and adults in the disease process, treatment and prevention of head and neck cancer

Websites on Empowerment & Inspiration
Dr. Michael Bernard Beckwith founded the Agape International Spiritual Center, a trans-denominational spiritual community whose doors are open to all seekers in search of authentic spirituality, personal transformation and selfless service to humankind.
Do As One is here to raise the awareness of healthy, conscious breathing and to create the opportunity for humanity to experience its own inherent Oneness through the power of breath.
Create Now helps transform the lives of high-risk and at-risk youth through creative arts mentoring, education, resources, and opportunities.
A nonprofit organization dedicated to providing hope, encouragement, and inspiration
The world’s largest producer of audio programs to help people realize their full potential and to make them successful and happy.
An inspirational website to show the world what’s possible

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