Sinus Problems


About Sinus Problems

  • Your sinuses are spaces in your face connected to the spaces in your nose.
  • Sinus problems (or sinusitis) occur when these spaces become blocked and infected.
  • Sinusitis can cause constant snot in the nose, phlegm in the throat, a stuffy nose, pressure headaches in your face, decreased smell, clogged ears, a cough, repeated sore throats, bad breath and constant throat clearing.
  • Sinus infections can be prevented, controlled and treated with allergy control, regular cleaning and maintenance, various over the counter options, medical treatments and surgeries.



Advances in Sinusitis Treatment

In this video, Dr. Levine educates us about the sinuses, the problems we can have and the many treatment options to feel better.

Sinus Solutions 

  • Nose sprays such as saline rinses and topical steroid sprays
  • Medications such as antibiotics and oral steroids
  • Office procedures such as balloon sinuplasty
  • Surgery such as endoscopic sinus surgery, polypectomy



  • Have you experienced 4 or more sinus infections in the past year?
  • Is your nose frequently stuffy?
  • Do you get sinus pressure headaches often?
  • Do you get a sinus infection whenever you get a cold?
  • Do you notice alot of snot to blow out of your nose?
  • Do you have constant phlegm or postnasal drip to snort or spit?
  • Is your sense of smell not good?
  • Do you get pressure or pain in your face when you fly on a plane or are at high altitude?
  • Does your voice sound like you always have a cold?
  • Do you know someone who answers YES to these questions?
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