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A tonsillectomy helps clear up stubborn sore throats. At Beach Cities ENTS, in Torrance, California, the board-certified team of ear, nose, and throat specialists provides top-quality care you need to resolve your tonsil problems. If you or your child struggle with frequent sore throats, tonsil infections, tonsil stones (tonsilloliths), or enlarged tonsils, let Beach Cities ENTS put you on the road to recovery. Call the South Bay area office today or schedule an appointment online.

Tonsillectomy Q & A

What are tonsils?

Your tonsils are like specialized lymph nodes located at both sides of the back of your throat. They're part of your immune system and function as your body's first line of defense. Your tonsils help fight germs from entering your body through the nose or throat.

When you get sick with an infection, your tonsils also produce white blood cells. These cells help your body destroy harmful germs so you can feel better. However, following chronic or repeated throat infections, the tonsils can actually become a reservoir for bacteria, and actually cause more infections.

Adenoids are similar to the tonsils, but are located behind your nose at the roof of your mouth. They serve a similar function to the tonsils.

What is tonsillitis?

Your tonsils do an excellent job of fighting germs. But sometimes, the tonsils themselves get infected. Tonsillitis occurs when your tonsils develop a viral or bacterial infection. 

Antibiotics usually clear up bacterial infections, but some people may develop tonsillitis again and again. If your tonsils often get infected, the Beach Cities ENTS team might suggest a tonsillectomy. A tonsillectomy removes your tonsils to prevent future infections. 

Tonsillectomy can also resolve other health concerns, including:

  • Enlarged or swollen tonsils that block breathing or cause snoring
  • Persistent tonsil stones that cause pain or bad breath
  • Stubborn infections that don’t respond to antibiotics

If you have persistent problems with your tonsils, a tonsillectomy can help you feel better. 

What happens during a tonsillectomy?

During your consultation, a Beach Cities ENTS surgeon lets you know how long your procedure will take. They also provide more information about your procedure's risks and benefits.

Most tonsillectomies are simple outpatient procedures that last 30-45 minutes. On the day of surgery, the hospital staff first helps you change into a gown. Next, they insert an IV and prepare you for your operation.

Your anesthesiologist administers medication to make you sleep through the procedure. While you're asleep, your surgeon removes your tonsils. Your surgeon may use a variety of techniques to remove all necessary tonsil tissue. 

Once the procedure is complete, the hospital staff takes you to a recovery room. You remain at the hospital until your anesthesia has worn off. Then you can return home to finish your recovery.

What can I expect from the recovery process?

After a tonsillectomy, you may feel sore or tired for several days; plan on staying home from school or work for the next 1-2 weeks. 

You might need to change your diet to give your throat time to heal. The Beach Cities ENTS team will provide you with a list of detailed discharge instructions. These instructions tell you exactly how to care for yourself at home.

Beach Cities ENTS calls you a few days after your procedure to see how you're feeling. You might also have a follow-up appointment a few weeks later. During this appointment, your surgeon makes sure you're healing well. 

Are you considering a tonsillectomy? Let Beach Cities ENTS provide you with top-quality care. Call the office today or schedule an appointment online. 

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